Alter (Ami)ego

Alter Ego: a very close and trusted friend who seems almost a part of yourself. Amigo: A friend or comrade.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

charmaine the champ

charmaine and her winning shot! muahahahah!

Monday, March 3, 2008

can we have the holiday right after exams instead of in august?
i propose the kl-genting trip.



this is a potential smu-ers event. those interested, pls comment/ tag.

so far....

me deb yz eug and rach are interested! we can send in more than 1 team and get each other drunk :)

details below:


11th March 2008


Please send the following details to :

  1. Your team name
  2. Names of all your members
  3. A team leader’s name and contact number

Once your registration has been confirmed, please make the payment of $18/team at Frujch before 7th March 2008, Friday.


A full 24-bottle crate of Heineken worth $ 132


You’ll be drinking in each round you go through, so even if you don’t win the Heineken crate…… us, you’ll still be drinking a lot of beer.

Beer Pong
(the fr├╝jch way)


2 Teams per game
2 OR MORE players in a team


1 Ping Pong ball
6/10/ 15 cups filled half-way with beer on each side
(For formation of cups on table, see “ Competition Structure”)


1. Teams roll dice. Highest number rolled starts (i.e. TEAM A)
2. TEAM A member attempts to throw/bounce a ping pong ball into the TEAM B’s
set of cups
3. If the ball lands in any cup, a TEAM B player must remove that cup and drink it.
TEAM A then takes another turn (rotates to next TEAM A member).
4. If the ball fails to land in any cup, it becomes the TEAM B’s turn.
5. The game continues until one team’s set of cups is wiped out. The team that still has filled cups
wins the round.

ie--> team whose cups finish first loses



§ Participants must stand behind the demarcation when taking their turn to throw/bounce the ball.

§ Throwing hand should not be extended beyond edge of the table

Cups Drunk

§ If the ball is bounced into the cup, 2 cups are to be drunk.

§ The cup that the ball landed in + 1 other cup (chosen by the attacking team)is to be drunk

§ If the ball is thrown(lobbed) into the cup, 1 cup is drunk.




§ If a ball rolls off/lands on the floor, it must be dunked into the wash cup at the side of the table before the game is resumed.

Fair Play

§ Teams MUST rotate their members with each consecutive turn they have

§ No offensive name-calling or overtly threatening behavior will be permitted. Frujch reserves the right to disqualify or eject participants who do not heed this rule.

There will be preliminaries, semi-finals and finals.

Scoring System


Winning team: 3 points

Losing team: 0 points

If there is a tie, both teams get 1 point each.

At the end of 5 minutes, the team with more cups left is considered the winner.


Direct elimination


Hmmm. My very first post (:

Anyway, I was thinking in the midst of doing my CR Project, whether you guys are up for a holiday! Not anytime soon, but worth mentioning and thinking. Since we're all doing internships from 28th April to Early August, perhaps, we can do a quick trip to HK/ Aus in mid/early August ?? By then we would have (supposedly) saved enough money !! YAYSZZ.

Any takers? <3

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Smuer's outing no. 2: japan lovin <3

date: 29 Feb 07 (LEAP YEARRR!!! whee!)
day: Friday
subject: smuer's outing no. 2
smuer's in attendance: me deb eug rach yz jw

starting point: Central

me debs euges and jw waiting for rach and yz to join us!

jw and i! i'm gg to miss this china man when he goes to china. CHINA CHINA CHINA! hahahaha.
so rach and yz came. and we ended up walking a hell lot around the whole clarke quay area looking for a suitably priced restaurant with an equally suitable waiting time. hrm. must be the friday night effect. all the restaurants were maxed out, so we ended up taking a bus to town. the guys were dying of hunger as it is, so we made a quick stop by long john's. so much for fri night dinner. haha.

but the trip did not disappoint. we had dinner at this jap restaurant at cuppage plaza wonderfully suggested by rach and yz!

insert Smuers fact of the day: this is the restaurant where rach and yz had their FIRST DATE together!! and both of them said, i quote: IT WAS THE BEST DATE OF MY LIFE. hahahaha <3

beer beer beer beer.
rach and yz shots.

me: ye zhong, smile!!!!
and this is what he came up with (i know i'm in no position to kb since i cant really smile all that properly myself haha) . but isnt this classic yz. the mouth hangin' open smile! hahah.
but i did manage to caputure a nice one in the end! :)
and just to prove he doesnt smile in photos, yz showed us all his id cards. yz through the ages.
then we took an ic photo for jw! SO HANDSUM! MR WAIKIKI!!!
and some pics of our meal.

we had this jao beef stew thing which was fatty
i think this is the only dish that wasnt fatty. veggies!

and the rest of our dishes were: pork with asparagus, pork on a stick, beef on a stick, garlic fried rice and friend udon. fatty oily fatty!! but nice:) yays!

the end :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

. wednesdays are reserved for zouk ,

shall we? =)
ps: im going to throw a bitch fit if nobody replies the tagboard so please do.

Monday, February 25, 2008

kevin kong: mr slave driver

dawn tan lu yen... your boyfriend is damn fierce to me... ask me to do MPW like wanna kill me like that... slave driver sia

eh kevin kong mahjong/supper soon lei... after all your exams.. anyway some pics from me

bangkok times man.... there we really chang everyday sia... hahah

Sunday, February 24, 2008

kops parade, courtesy of debra.

tuk tuk tuk tuk tuk

nicer pics that i dug up! (girls only)

yay! this was dawn's bday!

look at chars sexy back! hahahah.