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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Smuer's outing no. 2: japan lovin <3

date: 29 Feb 07 (LEAP YEARRR!!! whee!)
day: Friday
subject: smuer's outing no. 2
smuer's in attendance: me deb eug rach yz jw

starting point: Central

me debs euges and jw waiting for rach and yz to join us!

jw and i! i'm gg to miss this china man when he goes to china. CHINA CHINA CHINA! hahahaha.
so rach and yz came. and we ended up walking a hell lot around the whole clarke quay area looking for a suitably priced restaurant with an equally suitable waiting time. hrm. must be the friday night effect. all the restaurants were maxed out, so we ended up taking a bus to town. the guys were dying of hunger as it is, so we made a quick stop by long john's. so much for fri night dinner. haha.

but the trip did not disappoint. we had dinner at this jap restaurant at cuppage plaza wonderfully suggested by rach and yz!

insert Smuers fact of the day: this is the restaurant where rach and yz had their FIRST DATE together!! and both of them said, i quote: IT WAS THE BEST DATE OF MY LIFE. hahahaha <3

beer beer beer beer.
rach and yz shots.

me: ye zhong, smile!!!!
and this is what he came up with (i know i'm in no position to kb since i cant really smile all that properly myself haha) . but isnt this classic yz. the mouth hangin' open smile! hahah.
but i did manage to caputure a nice one in the end! :)
and just to prove he doesnt smile in photos, yz showed us all his id cards. yz through the ages.
then we took an ic photo for jw! SO HANDSUM! MR WAIKIKI!!!
and some pics of our meal.

we had this jao beef stew thing which was fatty
i think this is the only dish that wasnt fatty. veggies!

and the rest of our dishes were: pork with asparagus, pork on a stick, beef on a stick, garlic fried rice and friend udon. fatty oily fatty!! but nice:) yays!

the end :)

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